What Causes Delayed Menstruation Apart From Pregnancy?

By on July 29, 2015

There are a lot of women who are always in the lookout for an answer to the question what causes delayed menstruation apart from pregnancy? This is something that is not normal for women.

However, it is to be understood that the main cause of delayed menstruation are the changes that keep on taking place within the body.

It is necessary to consult a good doctor when the menstruation is delayed for a very long time. A delay of two to three days is quite normal.

Know What Causes Delayed Menstruation

There are many reasons that can be cited as answers to the question what causes delayed menstruation apart from pregnancy and some have been detailed below:

What Causes Delayed Menstruation


Stress is one of the major causes of delayed menstruation. When stress is the cause of delay in menstruation then you must assume that you were under stress during the time you might have ovulated. Taking stress and worrying about certain things in life can delay your period by two to three days.

Thyroid Disorder

It is quite common for women with thyroid problems to have certain issues with irregular menstruation and ovulation. Doctors are not very clear regarding the procedure in which thyroid causes issues with menstrual cycles in women.

Many a times, women suffering from thyroid disorders ovulate late or they have weak ovulation because of which menstruation is delayed.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome, in short known as PCOS, is also one main cause for delayed menstruation. Apart from delayed menstruation, it may also result in other problems like no menstruation, heavy bleeding, difficult to get pregnant.

PCOS is mainly seen in women, who have a family history, and also mainly due to obesity and lack of exercise and physical activity.

Birth Control

The measures taken for avoiding pregnancy can also be a reason behind delayed menstruation. Delayed menstruation is actually a side effect of the low dose pills taken for birth control. Sometimes light menstruation also occurs by taking birth control pills.

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can also serve as a major contributor towards delayed menstruation. If you were sick during the time you might have ovulated, it might delay ovulation on a temporary basis. With delayed ovulation it is quite obvious that your period will also be late.


Weight is also one of the main causes for delayed menstruation. Excessive loss of weight or gain of weight can result into delayed menstruation. Along with many other health problems caused due to obesity, it will also result in menstruation problems.

Eating Disorders

Being underweight or suffering from eating disorders can disturb the menstrual cycles of a woman. There are some women who have also reported of not getting periods at all due to their weight and their eating disorder.

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