What Are The Various Methods Of Female Contraception?

By on January 28, 2015

The main reason behind the increased rates of abortions these days is the fact that people are unaware of the best methods of female contraception.

Unwanted pregnancies are quite likely to occur if women are unaware of using the right contraception procedures at the right time.

Methods of Female Contraception

Some of the best methods of female contraception that can be used effectively these days are as follows:

Barrier Methods

The barrier method is all about preventing the sperm from getting its entrance into the uterus. These methods include the use of female condoms, contraceptive sponges and cervical caps that can easily be availed at any drug store.

Hormonal Methods

Methods of Female Contraception
Hormonal method of birth control is considered one of the best methods of female contraception. This method keeps the risks of pregnancy at bay by interfering with procedures like ovulation, implantation or fertilization of eggs.

This method involves taking oral contraceptive pills either mini pills or combined pills. These pills help in preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs by changing the uterus lining.

Intrauterine Method

In the Intrauterine method, small T-shaped tool is used for insertion into the uterus for stopping the chances of pregnancy. Women have the choice of hormonal IUD or copper IUD which helps in preventing the sperm from getting into contact with the eggs and then fertilizing them.

Skin Patch

This is not a very common method of female contraception. Skin patch which is also called Evra is stuck onto the skin and it helps in releasing the hormones that prevent a woman from getting pregnant. However, there are some side effects of using this method and they include nausea and headaches.

Contraceptive Injection

Contraceptive injections last for not more than three months and these injections are generally injected into any muscle at the backside. The injections contain hormones that do not act in support of pregnancy.

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