About Various Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Options

By on June 24, 2015

Ectopic pregnancy is a condition which occurs when a fully fertilized egg is unable to get attached to the uterus.

Most of the times, the egg gets attached to the fallopian tubes and less commonly, it can also get attached to the cervix or abdominal cavity.

Ectopic pregnancy is a condition that might result in serious complication of the health of a woman because the egg outside the uterus has no chances of surviving.

This is the reason why immediate treatment is suggested for women suffering from ectopic pregnancy.

Various Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Options

Here are the available ectopic pregnancy treatment options, which are effective in treating.

Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Options


One of the most common medications used for treating ectopic pregnancy is methotrexate. This is for cases with mild complications. Methotrexate works by stopping the development of the cells that divide rapidly.

Using medications is the safest method of treating ectopic pregnancy because this method does not carry the risk of damaging the fallopian tube.


Laparoscopic surgery is another method employed by surgeons for the treatment of ectopic pregnancy. This is a procedure where the embryo is removed and any kind of internal damage is treated.

In case, this method is unsuccessful, laparatomy is performed by way of larger incision. This is a method where the fallopian tube is removed if it is damaged or ruptured seriously.

Active Monitoring

If a patient experiences mild symptoms of the condition, then there are chances that a pregnancy can be an effective treatment for this condition. Fertilized egg dies and gets absorbed into the nearby tissue and there is no treatment required at all.

These are some of the most important ectopic pregnancy treatment options that you can think of if you are suffering from this condition. Apart from these options, it is better to make certain changes to your lifestyle and try out some natural remedies that can be of good help.

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