Measures For Safely Treating Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

By on February 11, 2015

One of the common problems that a pregnant woman face is yeast infection, particularly in second trimester of pregnancy and this might occur due to her high level of estrogen in her body.

Some of the common symptoms of yeast infection during pregnancy include itching, burning, soreness, redness of vagina, and may experience burning sensation while urinating.

The most important question here is how to safely treat yeast infection during pregnancy as taking medication would be harmful for the mother and her unborn child. Thus it is advisable to consult your health care provider to avoid further complications.

Treating Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Here are few things that can be done to safely treat yeast infection during pregnancy.

Confirm whether you have the infection. If you have vagina itching and burning sensation, the best thing is to call your doctor and get yourself checked. Once you are confirmed then you can use methods which help you to prevent it.

Once yeast infection is confirmed generally following methods of treatment are used.

Medications and Creams

If the yeast infection is confirmed, then your health care provider will prescribe vaginal medications and creams. These creams are to used for 10 to 14 days to remove the infection completely.

Nonprescription Creams

You can also nonprescription medicinal creams for treating yeast infection during pregnancy. These creams include clotrimazole, butoconazole, terconazole, and miconazole. But one thing, consult your health cart provider before using them

Preventing Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Here are few things, which can be done to avoid yeast infection during pregnancy.

  • Be clean and maintain regular hygiene always. Maintain a hygienic routine all thru the day and this will prevent any infections from setting in.
  • Wearing loose, and breathable clothing cotton underwear is advisable for prevention. It is also better not to wear underwear while sleeping in night.
  • Make sure not to douche. And clean the genital area with warm water.
  • Limiting sugar intake is also advisable for prevention.
  • Also make sure to avoid taking bubble baths, using perfumes soaps, and using perfumed detergent for cleaning.
  • And finally taking plenty of rest is best for preventing yeast infection during pregnancy.

Treating Yeast Infection Caused by Antibiotics

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