Major Health Concerns for Women after Menopause

By on November 5, 2013

Menopause is a stage when a women stops having her regular monthly periods. It is the common part of aging and marks for the end of reproductive years in every woman.

Menopause occurs usually around 51 years of age but in some women it occurs in early 40’s or late 50’s. A woman cannot get pregnant after menopause.

Women who got with ovaries surgery may fall under menopause suddenly. Once you enter menopause period, you may be at higher risk for many health issues. Here are some of the major health concerns for women after menopause.

Hot Flashes

Menopause Health ConcernsHot flashes or hot flushes are the common symptom among women after menopause. This is a kind of feeling hot suddenly all over or upper part of the body.

It involves the redness of neck and face and you may develop red patches over the back, chest and arms. Cools shivering and heavy sweating in the night can follow.

Breast and Uterine Cancer

Women who entered into their menopause stage are at higher risk for developing breast and uterine cancer.

Hence, women after menopause should consider these health issues and take appropriate steps to prevent these cancers by yearly screenings.

Women who cross 60 years of age are more likely to develop uterine cancer. Women who are reaching the average age of menopause should consult the physician regularly and get some necessary or preventive measures of breast cancer. [Tips for Living with Breast Cancer]

Heart Diseases

Once the women reach menopause age then their risk of experiencing heart or cardiovascular disease increases. This happens during aging process and associates with onset of menopause.

Women who had surgical menopause and don’t take estrogen are at greater risk for developing cardiovascular diseases.

Vaginal and Urinary Problems

Women at menopause stage would develop vaginal and urinary problems due to fluctuations in the hormonal levels. Symptoms include thinner and dry vaginal tissues which cause uncomfortable sex, more urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence.


Osteoporosis means weakening of bones and causes injuries. This is the condition in which bone get cracks which occurs by twisting or straightening. Estrogen is the main hormone that is responsible for new bone development.

Older women would face decline in estrogen levels as they reach menopause stage. Hence, osteoporosis is the main symptom in the women who are at 60’s. [Dealing With Osteoporosis In Women]

Mood Changes

Women who reach menopause stage could experience mood swings, have crying spells or feel crabby. A woman would develop many mood issues around menopause time.

During menopause stage women can develop mood issues due to many reasons including family changes, stress and feeling tiredness.

Trouble Sleeping

You may develop night sweats and difficulty in sleeping. You would feel hard to sleep during nights. Hence you may also feel tired during the day.

Changing Feelings about Sex

Most of the women at menopause stage feel comfortable with intercourse but some may feel less aroused towards sex or lose interest on their sexuality.

Other Changes

Some of the possible changes at this time are feeling stiff or achy, gaining fat, and loosing muscle, forgetfulness, having larger waist and trouble focusing.

Your regular periods can change that come more frequent or less, be heavier or lighter and lasts longer or fewer. Don’t be in assumption that you are starting the menopausal transition if you miss few periods.

You have to check with your physician to confirm whether it happened due to you are pregnant or any other health issues. Also you should consult doctor when you find spotting or if you don’t get periods for a year.

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