How To Deal With Unplanned Pregnancy? Some Safe Methods To Opt

By on January 21, 2016

How to deal with unplanned pregnancy is one of the most difficult challenges that married couples can face.

Couples either grieve the loss of their present independent lifestyle or get concerned about their increased responsibility.

There are a lot of people who do not possess the resources of accommodating a newborn.

This is because they are either unemployed or they might be more concerned about their careers in place of a new baby.

Unplanned pregnancies can also be challenging for single women or the ones in a relationship that they fear might not continue.

How To Deal With Unplanned Pregnancy

So, How to Deal with Unplanned Pregnancy?

Let us have a look at how to deal with unplanned pregnancy:


Abortion is considered one of the safest and the most lawful methods of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. This is a legal option for all those women who do not want to continue with their pregnancies.

Very similar to the other options, abortion seems to be a completely personal decision. However, in this case, it is important for pregnant women to remain aware of the different types of abortions and they work procedure.

Let us have a look at various abortion methods that are safe:

  • Abortion Pills: This is a drug induced abortion method, which can opted if the pregnancy is of not more than 63 days. By using this pill, the progesterone hormone is blocked. By blocking this hormone uterus lining breaks down, and as a result the pregnancy will not continue.
  • Vacuum Aspiration: This is a surgical method of abortion, which is also known as Suction Aspiration. This method can be opted only when the pregnancy is not more than 12 weeks of gestation age.

Continuing With Pregnancy

Yet another safe option for unplanned pregnancy is continuing with pregnancy. However, this decision generally remains embedded in a wide assortment of social and cultural constructs. However, in this case, it is important for both the parents to remain prepared for the major challenges of parenting.


There are many people who do not want to have a child but at the same time they do not like to go for abortion. In this case, such people can give birth to their new baby and allow someone else to raise the baby. This procedure is called adoption.

People can either choose to go for open adoptions or closed adoptions. Open adoptions are situations where the adoptive parents and the biological parents are aware of their individual identities.

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