Common Causes of Feminine Itching You Need To Know

By on September 5, 2015

The life of a woman is in no ways easy because there are many embarrassing and uncomfortable health conditions that a woman needs to go through. Such conditions include vaginal dryness, loose vagina, vaginal burning and vaginal itching.

There are thousands of women throughout the world who suffer from pruritus vulvae or vaginal itching. This is a condition characterized by a certain feeling of tingling sensation and irritation in the vagina.

Vaginal itching is not common for women in a specific age group but this condition is likely to affect a woman at any point of time in life.

Common Causes of Feminine Itching

The common causes of feminine itching that you need to be aware of are as follows:

Causes of Feminine Itching

Synthetic Clothing

Synthetic clothes or clothes made using fibers like rayon, nylon and polyester hamper the skin from breathing freely. In the context of the vaginal area, breathe means the air that moves around this area. Synthetic materials used for making tight-fitting panties might result in moisture build up causing vaginal redness and itching.

Chafing During Sex

There are many women who suffer from vaginal itching while having sex and also after sex. This is generally because of the chafing which is caused during sex. This condition is the result of public hair rubbing against genital skin which is quite sensitive.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections which are also called Candida, Thrush or Yeast infection are considered one of the most common causes of feminine itching. These infections can also result in vaginal soreness and redness. It is important for women to watch out for the signs of these infections and get them treated immediately.


Vulvitis is a more general term used for describing irritation of vulva or contact dermatitis. Vaginal irritation is sometimes caused due to woman scrubbing the area very hard while bathing. The use of harsh soaps and various other cosmetic products like vaginal deodorants and bubble baths can also result in vulva inflammation causing vaginal itching.

Psoriasis or Eczema

These are skin disorders that can serve as the main cause of vaginal itching and redness. These conditions can also be the cause of rash-like and patchy appearance of the vagina.

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