Everything About Back Pain During Pregnancy First Trimester

By on March 18, 2014

Discovering that you are expecting especially if it is your first baby is quiet exciting and emotional. But it is even scary for some pregnant women.

First trimester covers 1-13 weeks and you may experience lots of painful symptoms including back pain and cramps.Today we will discuss about back pain during first trimester of pregnancy.

Back pain with stiffness, soreness and pain is quite common in early pregnancy. It can be a real pain in pregnancy literally and often begins early during pregnancy and persists or worsens until you give birth.

Back Pain During Pregnancy First TrimesterYour body knows that it needs to relax and stretch to accommodate baby. Your belly will grow, hips will stretch and your back will hurt as the body changes. Thus, you may sometimes experience mild to moderate backache during your pregnancy.

What are the types of backache?

  • A mild to moderate lower as well as middle back pain when you stand up or sit down
  • Severe pain in the back of pelvis and buttocks
  • Considerable lower back pain experienced when lying down on the bed

What are the causes of back pain?

  • As your belly gets larger throughout your pregnancy, your back curves than usual to accommodate the load, which results in strained muscles and pain in your lower back.
  • Growing uterus moves your center of gravity forward and puts even more pressure on your back causing pain.
  • Lack of your proper night’s sleep is another factor causing backache. The weight of your belly can be pulling on your back thus giving you aching back.
  • Hormonal changes that happen mostly during first trimester also give you aching back.
  • Posture change puts lots of strain on your back. In other words, the center of gravity shifts in front of your womb and causes pain.

What you can do about it?

  • Try to maintain good posture when you are sitting and use foot rest to elevate your foot.
  • Get good sleep and keep pillows behind your back or between your knees as it gives more relief.
  • Try to take breaks while standing or walking for longer periods. [Good Health in Pregnancy]
  • Avoid lifting heavy loads and take warm bath or enjoy a back massage
  • Do pelvic tilts and certain exercises that strengthen your abs

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