Abortion Pill Vs Surgical Abortion – Which One is Better?

By on September 25, 2013

Abortion Pill Vs Surgical AbortionThere is a lot of confusion about the difference between abortion pill and surgical abortion. The major difference between abortion pills helps you to prevent pregnancy whereas surgical abortion terminates a recognized pregnancy.

If you are thinking about abortion, your health care provider may talk with you about a few different abortion techniques, and he or she also suggests the method that suits your condition.

Process Involved in Abortion pill And surgical abortion

Before knowing about abortion pill vs surgical abortion, let us first learn about what happens in these two processes. The abortion pill is a non-surgical procedure that terminates an early pregnancy. It is FDA approved medicine and there are no long-term side effects on future fertility. A woman will have a healthy pregnancy after using the abortion pill.

Pills may be used nearly 9 weeks after the first day of a woman’s last period, but women who need an abortion, and they are greater than 9 weeks pregnant may have a surgical abortion.

Surgical abortion is a minor surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy by removing the fetus from a woman’s uterus. This process is carried out based on the woman’s stage of being pregnant.

There are various types of surgical abortion, which are generally done 9 weeks following the woman’s last menstruation periods. A surgical abortion utilizes vacuum pressure to remove the fetus and related material from a woman’s uterus.

Comparison between abortion pill Vs surgical abortion:

Features Abortion Pills Surgical Abortion
Method used Medicinal induced pills Surgical abortion are done by suction machine
When should one get it done Abortion pill is usually taken up to nine weeks of pregnancy Surgical abortions are suggested after nine weeks.
How lengthy will it take? A couple of few minutes 10-15 minutes which includes anesthesia
Procedure performed by Certified health care provider health care provider
How much will I bleed? Women can bleed nearly 30 days or more Minimal and light bleeding up to 7 days or even more
  • It may seem more natural like a miscarriage.
  • No shots, anesthesia as well as instruments.
  • Pregnancy can be terminated more early compared to surgical abortions
  • It is quick and safe.
  • There is minimal bleeding than abortion pills.
  • Anesthesia and instruments are used.
  • It is extremely successful
Visits Need minimal 3 visits with FDA approved schedule One visit
Hospital stay Few hours every visit Few hours
Success rate 89-98% successful More than 98-99 successful
Failure rate 2-11% failure 1-2% failure
Complications Minor complications may be treatable within the doctor’s office Extremely rare health issues
Cost In the united states, the cost of abortion pills varies from $10 to $77 per use In the united states, the price ranges from $30 and $575 that can include two or three clinical visits, exams and testing

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