What Causes Kidney Cyst? Know The Causes

By on February 28, 2015

The fluid-filled sacs that shape within the kidneys are called kidney cysts.

Simple kidney cysts do not show any symptoms and they are not damaging for the kidney.

However, sometimes the cysts begin losing blood unexpectedly due to infection.

This is when the kidney cysts start harming the kidney.

What causes kidney cyst is not clear till date and there are different opinions in this regard.

What Cause Kidney Cyst?

The following information will help you in finding out the reasons for what causes Kidney Cyst.

What Causes Kidney Cyst?

Weakened Surface Layer of the Kidney

It has been suggested through theories that kidney cysts might develop owing to the weakened surface layer of the kidney.

When the surface layer of the kidney weakens, it forms a peculiar pouch which is called diverticulum. This pouch gets filled with fluid over time, detaches and then develops into kidney cyst.


Studies have also brought forward the fact that age is also a dominant factor in the development of kidney cysts. People above the age of 50 are likely to develop either one or two cysts in their kidney. With age, the size of the kidney cysts might also increase.

Plugged Ducts

Some benign kidney cysts might also be caused due to plugged ducts or other natural outlets of the body used for secretions. The blockage of the ducts or secretion points in the body is dangerous and it might also result in the complete physical breakdown of an individual.


Some cysts might be tumors and they get formed within tumors. Such kidney cysts can be malignant. Good examples of malignant cysts include dermoid cysts and kerato cysts.

Infection of the Urinary Tract

In many adults, infection of the urinary tract is also considered a major cause of kidney cyst. Genetic conditions, cell defects and injuries might also result in the development of kidney cysts. The above illustration might be helpful in giving an answer to the question what causes kidney cyst.

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