Treatments For Blood In Urine And Pain In Men To Choose From

By on January 2, 2016

Blood in urine and pain in men is also known as Hematuria and this is a very common condition in men.

This condition generally gets detected in a urine test or it might also be noticed while urinating.

It is necessary to consult a doctor if you find blood in your urine which is accompanied by some kind of pain.

Some of the most common causes of blood in urine and pain include tumors, stones and infections.

However, most causes do not tend to be very serious. Cystitis or bladder infection, blood thinning medicine, diseases of blood, prostate enlargement, strenuous exercise and kidney injury are the other causes of blood in urine.

Treatments For Blood In Urine And Pain

Blood In Urine And Pain Treatments

Some of the best treatment options for blood in urine and pain in men are detailed below:


Doctors also resort to the method of prescribing antibiotics that help in treating urinary tract infections, which might result in blood in the urine and pain as well.

Shock Wave Therapy

Doctors might also try shock wave therapy for haematuria caused due to kidney or bladder stones. The shock wave therapy helps in breaking down the kidney or the bladder stones that cause haematuria.


A surgery might be one of the most effective methods of treating blood in urine and pain in men. However, a surgery is recommended only for severe cases of blood in the urine and pain while urinating.

The Use Of Natural Remedies

The effective use of some natural remedies like cranberry can always help in treating the condition of blood in urine accompanied with pain while urinating. The acidic nature of cranberry helps in fighting the bacteria that cause this disease.

Drinking Fluids

The excessive intake of fluids, especially water helps in releasing the harmful toxins and the bacteria that result in blood in urine conditions along with pain while urinating. Water is considered one of the best treatments for urinary tract problems which might have an individual suffering great difficulty in urinating.

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