Options Of Urinary Tract Infection Treatment In Child To Go For

By on August 13, 2016

Urinary tract infection is one of the commonly found childhood infection. This infection in short known as UTI, is caused when bacteria enters into the urine and travels to child’s bladder.

UTI is more common in girls than boys. Urinary tract infection is found in 8% girls aged below 5 and 2% of boys aged below 5.

Urinary tract infection in infants doesn’t show any symptoms. The only symptom it shows is fever. And in older children, UTI shows symptoms like experiencing burning or pain during urination.

UTI is not a serious problem to worry about and urinary tract infection treatment in child can be done using antibiotics. But, treatment should be taken as the risk of UTI damaging kidney is higher when compared to adults.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment In Child

Options Of Urinary Tract Infection Treatment In Child

Some of the best options of urinary tract infection treatment in child, which work effectively in treating, are as follows:


Antibiotics are the most effective option for urinary tract treatment in child. Doctor initially starts treating the child based on the symptoms. This helps in preventing any damage done to kidney due to UTI.

Once the culture of the bacteria is known by diagnosing the urine sample under microscope, doctor will prescribe antibiotic for treating bacteria. Depending upon the type bacteria culture, period of treatment varies. Doctor may also repeat the urine test to confirm whether bacteria are removed from urine or not.

Children may need inpatient treatment in case of severe Urinary tract infection. Severe UTI means when the child is having high fever, dehydration, when the child of age below 6 months, and when the bacteria has spread to blood.

Drink Lots Of Fluids

Encouraging your child to drink more fluids like water or juice will help in managing the symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection. But, make sure that soft and caffeinated beverages should not be given.

Urinate Frequently

Encouraging your child to urinate frequently and to empty bladder is also helps in easing the symptoms of urinary tract infection in children.


Certain foods and drinks also help in urinary tract infection treatment in child. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice and eating pineapple and yogurt shows positive results.

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