Methods For Kidney Stone Pain Management

By on May 27, 2015

Kidney stones do not just form in the kidney. They can also form in the bladder or the tube that drains urine from the ureters or kidney.

Kidney stones can be of different shapes and sizes ranging from tiny microscopic crystals to the large ones that look like potatoes.

There are different types of waste chemicals that get dissolved in individual’s urine.

These chemicals sometimes accumulate in the form of tiny crystals that clump up together to form a small kidney stone. Whether big or small, kidney stones are painful.

Kidney Stone Pain Management

People who have kidney stones should look out for the methods of kidney stone pain management.

Kidney Stone Pain Management

Pain Medications

Pain medications come as one of the most effective ways of kidney stone pain management. Nonprescription medicines like NSAIDs have the capacity of relieving the pain caused due to kidney stones.


Staying hydrated can help in alleviating kidney stone pain. This might seem awkward because the pain is actually caused due to the accumulation of urine.

But if you drink a lot of water, it helps in forcing the kidney stone out of the system which helps in soothing the pain.


Heat is for immediate pain relief from kidney stones. Heat used in any circumstances can soothe the pain and can help you in staying comfortable for some time at least.

Eat Less Fish And Meat

People who are in the habit of having a diet rich in animal protein usually suffer from the pain of kidney stones.

Animal protein available in the form of fish and meat should be avoided if you do not want to accelerate the formation of calcium and uric acid in your kidney.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise facilitates the flow of calcium out of bloodstream into the bones. People with stronger bones have extra energy to bear the pain caused due to kidney stones.

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