Kidney Stones In Men Treatment Options For Small And Large Stones

By on September 2, 2016

Kidney stones are the mineral deposits formed in kidney. These stones are small and hard, and are formed out of minerals in urine.

Kidney stones are renal calculus or nephrolith. Kidney stones vary in size, only a kidney stone which is larger than 3mm can cause blockage. Smaller stones, which are less than the size of 3 mm, will pass on its own.

Kidney stones are more common in men women. A person may normally get affected to kidney stones between 20 to 40 years of age. And even obese people are at higher risk when compared to normal weight people.

Experiencing pain that starts from lower back and radiates to groin is the crucial symptom of kidney stones. Kidney stones in men treatment is not generally required if it doesn’t show any symptoms.

Kidney Stones In Men Treatment

Kidney Stones In Men Treatment Options

Here are the commonly used kidney stones in men treatment options that work effectively in treating smaller and larger kidney stones:

Kidney Stones Treatments For Smaller Stones

In case of smaller stones i.e. of less than 5mm, invasive treatments are used. Smaller stones can be flushed out by just drinking 2.2liters of water daily. Passing of kidney stones causes mild pain, which can be treated with prescribed pain killers.

Sometimes, doctors may even prescribe medications for passing of these smaller kidney stones. Medications for kidney stones are known as Alpha Blockers. These medications relax ureter muscles, which helps in passing of kidney stones.

Kidney Stones Treatments For Larger Stones

There are various kidney stones in men treatment options are used in case of larger stones, i.e. stones which are larger than 5mm. The following are various methods used for treating larger kidney stones:

  • Ureteroscopy: Ureteroscope is the instrument used in this procedure. It is small lighted tube with a camera equipped in its head. It is passed through urethra, bladder and to ureter. Once the kidney stone is found, with the help this device small is either snares the stone or breaks it into small pieces.
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL): Lithotripter is the instrument used in this procedure. Lithotripter creates shock waves, which helps in breaking large kidney stones into small pieces. Local anesthesia is given as this procedure causes moderate pain.
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Nephroscope is the instrument used in this procedure. It is thin telescopic instrument, which is passed into the kidney through a small an incursion made in the back. Once the stone is found, it is either pulled out or broken in small pieces.

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