Everything About Laser Surgery For Kidney Stones

By on October 28, 2015

Kidney stones are extremely painful and there are a number of methods used for eliminating them.

Pain medications in combination with dietary modifications and increasing fluids and herbal treatments are amongst the best treatments for kidney stones.

Nevertheless, sometimes it becomes necessary to make use of more invasive methods for eliminating these stones in case they are not able to be passed out through the other procedures.

Laser surgery for kidney stones is one of the most effective methods of removing kidney stones.

The Process For Doing Laser Surgery For Kidney Stones

Laser Surgery For Kidney Stones

Laser removal of kidney stones is comparatively a less painful method involving the gentle insertion of a very small medical device. The process starts from the urethra and makes its way towards the ureters. This is where the stone is supposed to be located.

Patients are generally given local anesthetics for this process. The next step involves targeting the kidney stone by making use of laser. Once the procedure is complete, the kidney stone makes its way through the urine.

The stone will either break into very small pieces to be passed through the urine or it will disintegrate on laser contact. Recovery time is quite minimal but patients will lose the ability of driving just after the procedure. This is due to the effect of anesthesia.

Avoiding Kidney Stones

One of the best methods of avoiding kidney stones is by drinking minimum eight glasses of water on a regular basis. People can also take non-alcoholic drinks as these keep the body well-hydrated. Water is considered one of the healthiest alternatives to avoiding kidney stones.

People suffering from kidney stones should also make certain changes to their regular diet depending on the cause of the stones. Laser surgery for kidney stones is one of the best procedures that can be used for eliminating the painful kidney stones but proper care should be taken post this procedure.

Kidney Stone Surgery Stent

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