Effective Acute Kidney Failure Treatment Options

By on November 28, 2015

Acute kidney failure is a condition that occurs usually when the kidneys lose their ability of filtering waste products from blood.

This results in the accumulation of wastes at dangerous levels disturbing the chemical makeup balance of the blood within the human body.

This condition is also known as acute kidney injury or acute renal failure which has the tendency of developing at a very fast pace mostly within 7days.

Acute kidney failure is quite serious and it requires immediate and intensive treatment. Nevertheless, this condition might be reversible. People in good health might recover nearly normal or normal kidney function.

Acute Kidney Failure Treatment

Acute Kidney Failure Treatment Options

Various available options of acute kidney failure treatment that work effectively in treating are detailed below:

Balancing Of Fluids In Blood

This is a treatment administered for balancing the quantity of fluids in the blood of the sufferer. Intravenous (IV) fluids are generally prescribed for balancing the fluids in blood. This treatment is recommended only if the acute kidney failure is caused due to the lack of essential fluids in blood.


Medications are recommended by doctors for controlling blood potassium. If the kidneys are not able to work properly and carry out the procedure of filtering potassium from blood, doctors prescribe glucose, sodium polystyrene sulfonate or calcium for preventing high potassium levels to get accumulated in blood. Medications are also prescribed for restoring healthy level of blood calcium.


Dialysis is considered as one of effective method for acute kidney failure treatment. If harmful toxins start building up in blood, the patient might require temporary dialysis for removing these toxins from blood. This helps in healing the kidneys as it also helps in the removal of excess potassium from the patient’s body.


The use of vasodilators for acute kidney failure helps in the improvement of renal perfusion which reduces renal damage. However, strong evidence in support of this fact is still lacking.

Dietary Modification

One of the best acute kidney failure treatment options is going for dietary changes as it can help in getting rid of the problem within a very short span of time. People suffering from acute kidney failure should try and restrict their fluid and salt intake as this helps in managing the failure.

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