Commonly Found Chronic Renal Failure Signs And Symptoms

By on October 1, 2014

When the glomerular filtration rate of a person falls below a certain limit, that is, below 30 ml per minute, the person is said to suffer from the chronic renal failure.

This is a kidney disease and might produce disastrous outcomes if not treated in time. So, you should be aware of the chronic renal failure signs and symptoms.

Some of the chronic renal failure signs and symptoms have been discussed here, have a look!

Changes in Neurological System

The neurological system might be affected when a person suffers from chronic renal failure.

Chronic Renal Failure Signs And SymptomsCognitive impairment, change in the personality of the person, some sort of memory loss etc. might show up at early stages.

Gastrointestinal Problems

One of the common chronic renal failure signs and symptoms is experiencing gastrointestinal problems. The gastrointestinal problems might pop up quickly when someone suffers from chronic renal failure.

Vomiting and nausea are the most visible effects of such a disease. In some of the extreme cases though, food distaste might also occur.


When a person suffers from renal failure, it is very likely that he/she would become deficient of erythropein.

Further, bruising and bleeding might also occur which can lead to anemic conditions. Once it happens, the person has to go to a doctor immediately and get the checkup done.

Respiratory Problems

The problem in the renal tract might even affect the pulmonary system of the body. Sometimes, the lungs of the person might be filled with some kind of fluid and hence, they might feel it difficult to even breathe properly.

Heart Problems

Heart problems might also arise in the case of renal failure, especially if it is not heeded in time. Chest pain is a common problem in such case and it should not be taken lightly; else the risk of strokes and heart diseases would rise.


Itching on the skin also one of the common chronic renal failure signs and symptoms, when it occurs in humans. Itching can occur on any part of the body though.

Diagnosis of Kidney Failure

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