What Are The Causes Of Kidney Infections In Women?

By on December 10, 2013

Kidney infection is typically a painful state happens when harmful bacteria enters into the kidney from bladder. It is called as pyelonephritis in medical terms.

We all know it is a dangerous disease and even life threatening. Females are more likely to have kidney infections. Hence, they must be aware of the causes of kidney infections to avoid and make the condition reverse.

Main causes of kidney infection in women:

There are many reasons for kidney infection that makes your lives harder. Here are some main causes that one should consider and get the early diagnosis and treatment which controls the condition becoming even worse.
Causes Of Kidney Infections In Women

  • The foremost factor of causing kidney infections is E coli bacteria which is present in human bowel. If the individual doesn’t clean after a bowel movement, then the bacteria easily enter into the human body and cause infection by spreading to bladder and kidney.
  • Women are at higher risk of developing kidney infections than men as females have quiet shorter distance between anus and urethra so that the bacteria can easily enter the bladder and then into the kidneys.
  • Adult women should consider their age and sex as they are more susceptible to kidney infections due to their shorter urethra and bacteria travels faster to bladder and kidneys.
  • Women who do not wash herself properly after sexual intercourse are at higher risk of having kidney infections.
  • Struvite stones are found mostly in women very often. These stones are the main cause of having kidney and urinary tract infections.
  • Women who are suffering with urinary tract infections are having higher chance of developing kidney infections. The bacteria present in the vaginal area travels top to the entrance of urethra and then to kidney causing the infection. Pregnant women are more susceptible to have UTI infections.
  • Unhygienic conditions like improper cleaning after toilet leads to kidney infections. Many use to wipe after toilet which remains bacteria around the genital areas which enters into the urethra and kidneys causing infections.
  • Women who are suffering with spinal cord injury may also get kidney infections. Even the weak immune system is responsible for kidney infections as it allows bacteria to spread and multiply in your body.

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