6 Common Urinary Tract Stones Symptoms To Look For

By on July 12, 2016

Urinary tract stones, which are known as Urolithiasis are actually calculi (stones) formed anywhere in the urinary tract.

Stones in urinary tract are classified as

  • Nephrolithiasis – This is the condition when the stones are formed in kidneys, i.e. Kidney Stones
  • Ureterolithiasis – This is the condition in which stones are formed in ureters.
  • Cystolithiasis – This is the condition in which stone are formed in bladder, i.e. Bladder Stones

One out of every 20 people show the urinary tract stones symptoms. These stones actually form in kidney, which move to Ureter and Bladder.

Stones, which commonly known with its medical term calculi, are hard frames of some chemical elements. It obstruct the tracks causing urinary tract stones symptoms pain, bleeding and further unbearable embarrassment.

Urinary Tract Stones Symptoms

Prevalent Urinary Tract Stones Symptoms

Let us have a look at the commonly found urinary tract stones symptoms in an affected person.

Pain and inflammation

Small stones normally do not infuse any acute symptom, but larger stones in the bladder, renal pelvis or in the kidney’s drainage tubes create awful pain. Pain is generally experienced in abdomen, flank, and groin region.

Blood In Urine

Blood in urine, which is medically known as hematuria, is also one of the common symptoms of Urinary tract stones.

Frequent And Painful Urination

One who is having stones in urinary tract may also have frequent urge for urination, but unable to urinate much. This urination is also accompanied with pain during end of urination.

Fail To Hold Urine

Person fails to hold urine and sometimes blood come out with foul-smelling urine if he or she has stones in the tract.

Change In Food habit

At times if stones formed, people show reluctance to take food and tend to increasing fluid intake. To begin with the analysis, the first thing to say is decrease of hunger is a closely interlinked matter with kidney stones. It is nonetheless one of the basic urinary tract stones symptoms.

Some Abnormal Feelings

A person with stone in urinary tract will also experience some of the major external symptoms like agitation, perspiring, vomiting, and nausea.

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