How To Treat Narcolepsy? Here Are Some Tips For Treating

By on April 1, 2015

Narcolepsy is the most commonly diagnosed and one of the most severe sleep disorders affecting more than quarter a million of people every year.

It is the body’s inability to regulate sleep in the proper manner.

The most common symptoms of narcolepsy include loss of muscle control, automatic behaviors, paralysis while sleeping and hallucinations.

Sleep attacks or mini sleeps during the day are considered the most symptoms of narcolepsy.

How To Treat Narcolepsy

Learn how to treat narcolepsy by following the methods mentioned below:

How To Treat Narcolepsy

Support Groups and Counseling

Narcolepsy might cause depression and the best way to get rid of sleep disorder related depression is getting hold of a psychologist or counselor. You can even reach out to a narcolepsy support group that can help you in coping with the bad effects of this disorder.

Lifestyle Changes

If you really want to learn how to treat narcolepsy then the best thing that you can do is make some healthy and effective lifestyle changes.

Making lifestyle changes can help you in managing the symptoms of this condition. Try maintaining a very healthy sleep and wake cycle by managing stress and daytime habits like diet and exercise.


There are different medications that can also help in treating narcolepsy and they include antidepressants, sodium oxybate and stimulants. These medications might have certain side effects and it is better to consult a doctor before taking them.

Talking to People

Talking with your family and friends about the condition you are suffering from might be of good help in treating narcolepsy.

Light Therapy

Light therapy might help in keeping regular wake and sleep schedule. This therapy helps you in feeling less sleepy during the morning and this is all done by the use of special lights in a light box.

These are all effective treatment methods that can go a long way in treating the after-effects and the symptoms of narcolepsy.

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