9 Natural Ways to Stop Snoring

By on July 4, 2013

Do you or your partner snores in sleep? Then here are few natural ways to stop snoring. Sleep is very important for good health and well-being. But millions of people across and around the world are suffering from snoring.

Snoring is a very common sleep problem which disturbs you and your family members. Everybody knows that snoring can happen when you breathe through the mouth while sleeping, which produce very loud sound. This phenomenon is much more common in men than women and generally increases with age.

The most common causes of snoring are age, overweight, nasal and sinus problems, sleep posture, alcohol, smoking and some type of medications. It can cause inadequate sleep, morning tiredness, frustration and increased medical problems.

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring

It can also create major relationship issues. The initial step to solve snoring problem is to find the cause of our snoring. There are many effective and natural ways to stop snoring.These natural ways are more permanent cure without spending a lot of money.

Natural ways to stop snoring:

Change sleep position:

Changing sleeping position can help to overcome snoring. People who sleep on their back should try to sleep on their side rather than back, which allows breathing through the nose not with mouth. Sleep on your side will prevent your snoring.

Maintain weight:

Obesity is another problem with snorers. If you are overweight, try to maintain a healthy diet and weight because obese people have a fatty tissue around the neck which squeezes the air passage and stops air flowing as it will cause snoring.


Do a regular throat and tongue exercise.These exercises are the natural ways to stop snoring that help to tone the muscles in the throat which in turn reduces or stops snoring.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol can also cause snoring. If you avoid alcohol at bedtime, you will not only sleep well, but also help to reduce and stop snoring.

Quit smoking:

If you smoke, try to quit because it will block and clog your airways thus resulting in snoring. When you quit smoking, it will not only stop snoring, but also improves your overall health.

Clear nasal passages:

Nasal congestion can cause snoring, so clear nasal passages by using nasal decongestants, strips and few drops of eucalyptus oil, which help you to breathe more easily during sleep.

Keep bedroom air moist:

Dry air can irritate membranes in the throat and nose which can cause snoring. So keep your room air moist by using steam vaporizer or humidifier.


Yoga is a great and effective among the natural ways to stop snoring. Yoga not only control breathing, but also helps to reduce snoring.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule:

Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday and stick to it.

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