Know The Major Causes Of Sleep Deprivation

By on July 4, 2015

A lot of people these days suffer from sleep deprivation. This is due to the busy work schedule that people need to work in.

There are even people who sacrifice their eight hours of sleep for earning a good living.

If you are looking for the causes of sleep deprivation then it is important for you to understand sleep patterns first.

As the human body ages, sleep quality starts deteriorating, sleep becomes less restful, less efficient and lighter.

Major Causes of Sleep Deprivation

Major causes of sleep deprivation have been enumerated below:

Causes Of Sleep Deprivation


Being tired and suffering from sleep deprivation are due to the life that you live. Drinking alcohol or caffeine prior to going to bed is a major cause of sleep deprivation.

The same goes for people who work in rotational shifts. If your lifestyle is the main cause of your sleep deprivation then you must try and make some useful lifestyle changes.


Medication is yet another important cause of sleep deprivation. Medication can also disturb the natural rhythms of an individual. Taking medicines for curing insomnia is always a very bad idea. The natural patterns of the body get disturbed by the use of sleeping pills.

Medical Conditions

The health problems that you might be suffering from can also serve as a major cause of lack of sleep. Such conditions can be either mental or physical. Pain can be the cause of deprived sleep and mental conditions like post-traumatic stress and depression can also result in insomnia.


Excessive intake of unhealthy foods can have a person suffering from sleep deprivation. Eating junk food and foods which are high in their content of fat might result in obesity as well as sleeplessness.


Traveling to places with different time zone can also result into sleep deprivation. If you travel to place with different time zones frequently, your body might find it difficult to adjust with time differences. This can result in sever insomnia.

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