How Regular No Sleep Effects Our Health?

By on February 11, 2016

Sleep is one of the major health necessities and there is a standard sleep schedule that needs to be essentially maintained otherwise your health condition might get deteriorated day by day.

Regularly having no sleep effects the person’s decision-making abilities, coordination and mental balance.

If sleep deprivation symptoms are detected on time, then only you can have the best treatments.

Different parts of your body might get badly affected by having no sleep regularly as a result of which, your normal lifecycle will get severely disturbed.

Major No Sleep Effects

Some of the major no sleep effects, which you need to be aware of, are detailed below:
No Sleep Effects

Central-Nervous System Related Problems

One of the major no sleep effect is improper function of brain. Production of cell-repairing proteins can be restricted as a result of which you will feel sleepy all the time. Lots of energy will get lost and you will not be able to get enough strength and energy in your body.

Acute Indigestion

Acute indigestion is common health problem found in a person who has no sleep regularly. Stress hormone gets increased and on the other hand your digestion system gets badly affected by the same. Unwanted fat will get stored and leptin hormone levels will get completely imbalanced. This might result into obesity.

Poor Immunity System

Poor immunity system is also one of the major no sleep effects. Production of protective cytokines will get stopped all; of a sudden and that will prevent the growth of infection-preventing antibodies as a result of which your body will get exposed towards different kinds of diseases. You might soon develop some of the most critical human diseases, especially heart disease, diabetes and other related ones.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Both heart and blood-vessels carrying fresh oxygen to the different body parts will get badly affected and thus you need to face dreadful consequences. Sudden heart pains or attacks might arrive which is highly undesirable.

Acute Breathing Issue

You might even develop acute breathing issue due to sleep deprivation and thus you are strongly recommended having sufficient sleep.

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