Surgery for Ingrown Toenail Infection

By on November 21, 2013

There are two major causes of toenail infections such as fungal infections and infections that are caused by ingrown toenails.

Fungal toenail infections are generally treated with oral anti-fungal as well as antibacterial medications and not require surgery.

Ingrown toenails may result in severe pain and discomfort to the affected person. If you left untreated the condition, the toenail will become inflamed and infected which in turn make it difficult to walk.

One of the most successful treatment options for ingrown toenails is toenail surgery to clear out the aggravating area of the toenail.

Surgery for Ingrown Toenail InfectionSurgery for ingrown toenail infection:

A toe nail avulsion is typically used to treat an ingrown toe nail that occurs when the edges of your toe nail develops into your skin instead of outwards.

Partial Nail Avulsion

Partial nail avulsion is the most common surgical procedure for treating ingrown toenails. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic injected into the bottom of your toenail.

During this procedure, your doctor removes the edges of your toenail to create the toenail narrower and give your nail a straight edge.

After cutting the edges of your toenail, your doctor will apply a chemical called phenol to the affected area that helps to stop the nail growing and prevent an ingrown toenail developing in the future. If your toenail is infected, your doctor may suggest a course of antibiotics in order to prevent infection.

Total Nail Avulsion

Total nail avulsion is also performed under local anaesthetic. During this procedure, your doctor will remove the whole of your toenail to prevent it from re-growing in the future.

This surgical procedure is suggested if your toenail is thickening and pressing into the skin adjoining your toe. The technique will not require stitches and the level of post-operative discomfort is also minimal.

After the total toenail avulsion, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic medication to prevent infection and pain. Take these prescribed medications only under your doctor’s guidance.

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  1. Painful Foot Problems

    January 28, 2014 at 6:53 am

    Ingrown toenail is seriously annoying! I have had serious ingrown toenail problems. To me, the only solution to this problem is to trim an ingrown toenail.

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