Top 5 Types of Skin Disease Caused by Fungus

By on October 3, 2013

Skin Disease Caused by FungusSkin is the largest organ in our body. Skin can regulate body temperature and also protect you from infections.

If you get skin disease, they may affect your overall appearance and cause low self-esteem and embarrassment.

For most of the people, getting affected by the skin fungus could be an embarrassing thing. But these types of infections are very common. Fungal infections are usually caused by yeasts and dermatophytes. When this debris grows on your skin excessively, then they will cause the fungal infection symptoms.

There are various types of skin disease caused by fungus. Here is a list of 5 types of skin disease caused by fungus:

1. Cutaneous Candidiasis:

This fungal infection can be due to yeast candida. Many are familiar with the vaginal yeast infections. But you may not know that small amount of yeast usually live in your mouth, intestine and vagina. When yeast population increased, infections can be occurred.

Symptoms include itching, red rashes and skin peeling. Yeast infections usually affect the folded and moist area like skin under the breasts and groin. [Treating Yeast Infection Caused By Antibiotics]

2. Ringworm (tinea corpora):

This can be caused by the microscopic fungus. The infected skin area slowly spreads out from the center point and then creates a slight bump. This may cause itching and lead to flaky, red skin. This ring slowly spreads out as the days pass. These can occur on any place of the body or even in multiple places.

3. Tinea Versicolor:

This infection affects the top layer of your skin. It can occur on any place of the body. This is the most prevalent skin disease caused by fungus is usually noticeable in adults but also affect children. Primary symptom is skin discoloration.

Brown, variable pink or white patches will be developed on skin. With proper temperature conditions and moisture, fungus will become reactive and then spreads.

4. Athlete’s Foot:

This is also known as the tineapedis, which is very common skin disease caused by fungus. Mostly it is found in swimmers and athletes and it is very infectious. Generally infection is contracted from the polluted water.

Most commonly it will affect the feet, and area between toes and result in skin cracks, vile-smell discharge and itching.

5. Onychomycosis:

Onychomycosis is an infection to nails, usually stems from the untreated tineamanuum or athlete’s foot. This can also occur in young children, and most common for adults and adolescents. Initially nail becomes thick and brittle.

This infection can spread to entire nail and making it thick, lifts it up, and causing discoloration. Often people who get manicure frequently are more prone to get nail infections.

To prevent your skin from fungal infections, keep your skin moisturized, clean, and protected from the sun. Do not share clothes, blankets, or towels, remove damp clothes quickly and cover your wounds with bandage.

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