What Are The Stages Of HIV? Know The Various Stages

By on January 7, 2015

What are the Stages of HIV? This is not a very difficult question to answer these days.

The HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is one term used for describing a retrovirus infecting the cells present in the immune system, impairing or destroying their function.

What Are The Stages of HIV

Here is the information about different stages of HIV Infection.

Stage 1: Acute Retroviral Syndrome or ARS

This is the stage of quick HIV replication within the body and it occurs around two to three weeks post contracting HIV.

What Are The Stages Of HIV

With an increase in the levels of HIV in the blood, an individual’s CD4 count drops under 200 making the patient vulnerable to various types of cancers and infections.

Patients might also go through flu-like symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, rash, sore throat, muscular aches and fever. The symptoms might last for four weeks and then get healed. This stage is also known as Primary HIV Infection.

Stage 2: Clinically Asymptomatic Phase

This phase lasts for ten years and during this phase, the patient remain free from any of the major symptoms except swollen glands. During this stage, HIV level is peripheral blood falls very low.

However, people continuing remaining infectious while HIV antibodies are easily detectable in human blood. A test for antibodies will come out with positive results during this phase.

During this stage HIV is not dormant but it remains quite active in the lymph nodes causing great problems for the patients.

Stage 3: AIDS

For the people who want to know what are the stages of HIV AIDS is the last stage of this infection. During this stage, the body is unable to fight off cancer and infections.

People suffering from AIDS can survive for at least 3 years without any kind of treatment. This stage is diagnosed in a patient with the CD4 count going less than 200 cells resulting in various opportunistic infections.

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