Gay Men And STDs Commonly Found In Them

By on August 18, 2016

STD i.e. sexually transmitted diseases is also known as sexually transmitted infections or venereal disease. It is common in people who are sexually active and have unsafe sex.

When it comes to gay men and STDs, risk of getting infected to some kind of STD is higher. And this risk is also higher in bisexual men.

Gay men are at higher risk for getting infection to some kind of STD because having anal sex has higher risk when compared to vaginal sex.

According to stats percentage of gay men affected by STD is more when compared to general public. This risk of getting infected to STD is more in gay men who are below 25 years of age. CDC recommends every gay and bisexual man to get tested for STD every year.

Gay Men And STDs

Gay Men And STDs Commonly Found

Here is list about gay men and STDs that commonly found them:


One of the commonly found STD in gay men is HIV/AIDS. According to CDC, about 50,000 new case of HIV positive are found every. And gay men account for about two third of these HIV-positive people. The risk of HIV increases with presence of other commonly found STD in gay men like Syphilis and Gonorrhea.


Syphilis is another common STD found in gay men. According to CDC, by 2014 about 83% of gay and bisexual men are infected with primary or secondary Syphilis. Number of Syphilis infected persons is increasing year after year. A person infected with Syphilis show symptoms like painless sores on penis, mouth and anal, and rash on body.


Another sexually transmitted disease that is common found in gay men is Gonorrhea infection. Gonorrhea is spread through sexual contact or through body fluids like semen.

Some of the commonly found symptoms of Gonorrhea include experiencing pain while urinating, yellowish green pus like discharge from penis or anus, and sore throat. Antibiotics usage helps in effective Gonorrhea treatment.


When talking about gay men and STDS, another common infection to talk about is Chlamydia. Like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia also spreads through sexual contact and body fluids like semen. According to Public Health England, Chlamydia cases in 2014 increased by 24%.

Chlamydia shows symptoms like pain and inflammation in anus, experiencing pain while urinating, and pus like discharge from anus and penis. Chlamydia treatment can be done effectively with medications.


HPV is common STD on concern among gay men, and even in bisexual men. HPV means Human Papillomavirus, which is group of about 150 related viruses. HPV is of nearly 40 types. HPV is more common among people who have anal sex. HPV can result into genital warts or anal warts, and can even result to anal cancer.

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