Common Syphilis Disease Symptoms You Need To Know

By on August 22, 2015

Syphilis is an STD or sexually transmitted disease and it is also called The Great Imitator.

This is because some Syphilis Disease symptoms disease looks like something else and they are often misdiagnosed.

Syphilis is caused due to Treponema pallidum bacterium and it can be taken as a congenital infection which can pass from a pregnant mother to her unborn child.

The sores of syphilis generally appear on the anus, within the rectum, the genitals and even in the mouth.

Common Syphilis Disease Symptoms

Some of the most common Syphilis Disease Symptoms you need to know about are mentioned below:

Syphilis Disease Symptoms

First Stage Symptoms

The first stage symptoms of syphilis include a small chancre or sore which appears at the spot where the infection entered the human body. This sore appears between ten and ninety days post exposure.

Several sores might also appear in people though one sore is common. The sore is generally round, painless, firm, small and disappears in three to six weeks.
Second Stage Symptoms

Syphilis Disease Symptoms in its second stage include mucous membrane lesions and skin rashes. The rashes are generally red or reddish brown in color, they are rough but not itchy. The rashes might appear differently leading to misdiagnosis.

The other symptoms that can be checked out for in this stage are fever, fatigue, hair loss, muscle ache, headache, sore throat, weight loss and swollen lymph nodes.

Third Stage Symptoms

If syphilis is left untreated it can makes its way to the third stage. The symptoms of the third stage include damage of internal organs like the blood vessels, bones, eyes, liver, brain, nerves, heart and joints.

Other symptoms include paralysis, dementia, difficulty in coordinating muscle movements, numbness, blindness and confusion. All these symptoms can turn out to be very dangerous and they can even result in the death of the patient. Therefore, it is necessary that these symptoms are taken care of at the earliest.

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