Top 5 Causes of Tongue Sores

By on January 14, 2014

Does your tongue sense sore and developing uncomfortable bumps? It may not be a serious medical problem but sores can be painful and distracting.

Drinking, eating and even talking is difficult for you when you are affected with tongue sores. There have been numerous possible causes even some are serious to consider.

Let us know about the health issues and causes that lead to sore tongue as it could be a victim of several mouth maladies.

Few possible triggers that cause Tongue Sores:

Causes of Tongue Sores

  • Oral thrush is the first culprit when considering tongue sores. It is a condition caused by accumulation of Candida albicans fungus on the mouth lining. This fungal growth on the tongue results in sores that are painful and may even bleed. This thrush may move to gums, tonsils and back of throat as well.
  • If you have very hot food, you will run with the risk of damaging your tongue’s sensitive tissues. There are certain aggravations like sour candies, food allergens and chewing tobacco that could cause sores on the tongue in the mouth. Some acidic foods may also lead to sore tongue and even consuming foods thatlack vitamin B-12 and iron also can trigger sore tongue.
  • Nervous practices like biting your tongue or cheeks and chewing on your lips could damage your sensitive tissues in the mouth and result in inflammation and tongue soreness. Tongue injury may happen accidentally by biting it.
  • Colds and sinus infections can also be the possible culprits to cause tongue soreness as nasal obstruction causes discomfort on tongue. Sore tongue can also be caused due to excessive smoking, manifestation of HIV, oral lichen planus, gingivostomatitis, teeth grinding and many more.
  • Tumors and cancerous lesions could start out as a mouth sore typically located on tongue. It appears just like a cancer sore but after a couple of weeks it gets large and healing becomes difficult.

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