Tooth Erosion Treatment Options To Choose From

By on March 3, 2016

Tooth erosion which is also called dental erosion or acidic erosion is generally caused by oral pH which is very acidic in place of being alkali or balanced.

The acidity wears down and weakens the enamel layer of the tooth. This is basically the top layer of the tooth structure.

This further result in the tooth revealing, which is the underlying dentin layer that wears down structurally resulting in odd shape of the tooth.

Tooth erosion might be the cause of excessive consumption of soft drinks and fruit drinks; low salivary flow or dry mouth; diet rich in starches and sugar; acid reflux disease; medications, genetics; environment and gastrointestinal problems.

Tooth Erosion Treatment

Tooth Erosion Treatment Options

Some of the best options for tooth erosion treatment that work effectively are as follows:

Tooth Bonding

This treatment can rightly be used for milder cases of tooth erosion. This is basically a cosmetic process where resin which is tinted for matching the tooth of an individual is applied to the tooth that goes through the damage.

On hardening, the resin is bonded to the tooth post which, it is trimmed and then polished for fitting into the mouth in the correct manner. This entire procedure generally takes an hour or so and is covered in just one appointment.

Tooth Crowns

Tooth crown can easily be applied to the tooth, however, this treatment is considered best for severe tooth erosion. The procedure involves covering the tooth with new tooth which helps in protecting all the areas that have been damaged.

Tooth crown can help in restoring the function of a damaged tooth. This helps an individual in drinking and eating without any kind of pain.

Dental Extraction

Dental extraction is considered the best tooth erosion treatment. Dental extractions in cases of tooth erosion are considered necessary for rebuilding the structure of the tooth.

Dental fillings, onlays and inlays can improve the overall health of the tooth and also help in improving the bite strength of an individual.

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