Natural Whitening Teeth Methods That You Can Try At Home

By on April 20, 2016

Professional teeth whitening is practiced is almost all the dental clinics but most of these procedures involve the use of harsh chemicals leaving the teeth feeling extremely sensitive.

Therefore, it is always the best idea to go for natural whitening teeth methods that can easily be carried out at home.

It is to be noted that the natural procedures of whitening the teeth are quite effective but they cannot be considered a good replacement for dental care.

However, natural whitening teeth methods can always work great along with flossing and normal brushing routine of an individual.

Effective Natural Whitening Teeth Methods

Some of the best natural whitening teeth methods that work effectively are as follows:

Whitening Teeth Methods

Using Charcoal

Using charcoal for teeth whitening renders impressive and effective results. Brushing the teeth with charcoal and then rinsing it with the use of water can deliver amazing teeth whitening results. Activated charcoal absorbs porous substances that bind to tannins resulting in the staining of teeth and leaving the teeth brown or yellow.

Eating Strawberries

Strawberries can also be of good help in whitening the tooth. This is because strawberries contain vitamin C and malic acid. Astringent content of strawberries helps in removing surface stains and vitamin C helps in washing away accumulated plaque.

Using Coconut Oil

It is absolutely true that using coconut oil for cleaning the teeth can deliver wonderful teeth whitening results. Coconut oil can effectively be used in the form of a natural teeth whitener since it possesses antimicrobial properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be used as one of the most effective natural whitening teeth methods. It works in the form of a mouth gum that cleanses the teeth and helps in the removal of stubborn stains caused due to nicotine and coffee.


Yet another effective teeth whitening natural method is the use of turmeric which is an immune boosting and antioxidant spice. Brushing your teeth with turmeric power regularly helps in whitening teeth.

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