Morning Rituals For Beautiful Teeth [Infographic]

By on February 10, 2014

Beautiful Teeth! Who doesn’t like to have? But, unfortunately knowing or unknowingly we are fading your beautiful smile by our own habits. Here is an example

No Bottle Feeding In Nights

Few children have the habit of sleeping by holding the nipple of feeding bottle with teeth throughout the night. This will damage their teeth and can even cause teeth decay.

What To Do: Don’t use feeding bottles for feeding milk during night, instead use glass or else even spoon for feeding. After feeding milk, brush your child’s teeth, or else at least make them to drink a glass of water.

Like this there are many other habits that damage our teeth, which include smoking, improper way of brushing, using teeth for opening bottle caps, cutting treads, etc, tooth grinding, eating pencil lead, thumb sucking, tooth picking to remove the stuck food from the teeth gaps, etc.

The following infographic will explain about various consequences of our habits, and also what can be done.

Morning Rituals For Beautiful Teeth

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