Knowing About Wisdom Tooth Infection After Removal

By on April 11, 2014

Extraction of wisdom tooth is a very common procedure carried out. This is performed usually to avoid further dental problems, but when the third molars or wisdom tooth is removed, infection at the incision site may happen in your gums.

Today, let us know something about wisdom infection teeth removal.

Symptoms That Show You Are Having Wisdom Tooth Infection After Removal

You come to know that you have developed an infection after wisdom tooth extraction when there is bad breathe or odor from your mouth and the gum turns into a different color other than white after extraction.

Other possible signs of infection to wisdom tooth after extraction include:
Wisdom Tooth Infection After Removal

  • Running high fever is a reliable symptom of infection after wisdom tooth extraction
  • Feeling of pain and tenderness
  • Persistent bleeding and discharge
  • Swelling of gums or face happens commonly after extraction but if it is extended for long periods then it is a sign of infection

How infection occurs?

When wisdom tooth is extracted, it leaves a hole at the incision site of gum. Bacteria will sometimes enter into the hole in the gum and then to the blood stream, thus causing infection.

Causes of infection:

  • If after care is not taken properly, infection may result
  • When the blood clot does not happen at the hole or when the blood clots away prematurely
  • If a person does not maintain good oral hygiene is at risk of having infection after extraction as the bacteria can continue to live in your mouth.

If you notice that you are suffering from a gum infection after getting wisdom tooth infection, you need to see your doctor back. An infection will not go away without seeking appropriate medical attention. Mostly, antibiotics can help in preventing infection.

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