How To Keep Gums Healthy With Natural Remedies

By on April 4, 2015

Are you dreaming of possessing that million dollar smile? This might not be possible if you do not possess a set of stunning and good teeth.

It is not a very difficult task but it is necessary that you put in the effort and the time in getting healthy teeth.

If you keep gums healthy then it might be possible for you to eliminate dental problems to a large extent.

Natural Remedies To Keep Gums Healthy

Some of the best natural remedies you can follow to keep gums healthy are as follows:

Keep Gums Healthy

Massage The Gums

Massaging the gums post brushing can help in the removal of plaque build-up from teeth. The gums should be gently massaged using the fingers. The activity helps in increasing blood supply in the gums and this goes a long way in keeping the gums healthy and fresh.

Tongue cleaning is also important to keep the gums healthy and this can be done by using a good quality tongue cleaner.

Make The Choice Of An Effective Diet Plan

Tooth and gum decay can effectively be prevented by choosing the right diet plan. Your diet must consist of raw food in large amounts because raw food produces friction in the gums which ultimately helps in keeping the gums strong and healthy. Raw foods include sesame seeds, millets and those containing calcium.

Maintain Your Intake Of Vitamin C

The intake of vitamin C is very important for the integrity and the health of the gums. Vitamin C deficiency can always result in gum troubles and therefore it is a must to increase the intake of vitamin C for people suffering from gum decay.

Drink Natural Cranberry Juice Without Sugar

Cranberry juice is of good help in removing bacteria found on the surface of the gums or the teeth. It also helps in preventing further bacteria from attacking or attaching the oral tissues. In order to make the best benefits of cranberry juice you must make sure that it does not contain added sugar.

Tea Tree Oil

It works in the form of a gel and not as oil available in tubes at pharmacies and stores. However, it is best to go for naturally available tea tree oil in order to reduce the worst symptoms of gum decay.

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