Effective Ways For Teeth Tartar Removal At Home

By on January 25, 2016

Brushing teeth on a regular basis, oral hygiene, proper flossing and regular dental checkups are some of the most significant steps involved in maintaining proper oral health.

If you neglect any of these important steps, it can create havoc on the gums and the teeth. Improper brushing is the main cause of plaque formation which further forms tartar if not dealt with immediately.

Tartar is solidified plaque resulting in several gum and teeth diseases. Thus, it is important for people to have a clear understanding of the methods of removing tartar which can help in the prevention of threatening dental diseases.

It is best to get plaque and tartar removal at a dentist. But, if you do not like to visit a dentist, then there are even other ways, which you can use for teeth tartar removal at home.

Teeth Tartar Removal At Home

Ways To Teeth Tartar Removal At Home

Some of the effective ways for teeth tartar removal at home that you can use for attaining beautiful teeth are mentioned below:

Brushing Properly

Brushing teeth properly and carefully post each meal helps in the prevention of tartar formation. You must make use of a toothbrush with soft bristle for brushing. At the same time, teeth need to be brushed at all the angles in order to clean thoroughly.

Make Use of Fluoridated Toothpaste

The use of fluoridated toothpaste helps in increasing fluoride concentration in the teeth which automatically strengthens the teeth and helps in the prevention of dental cavities. The fluoride present in fluoridated toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel making it less likely to suffer from the intake of acidic drinks and foods.

Use Baking Soda For Brushing The Teeth

Baking soda used for brushing the teeth can help in the removal of tartar very easily and quickly. Baking soda with some salt can make it even more effective for the teeth.

Gargle Using Peroxide Solution

One of the most effective methods of teeth tartar removal at home is gargling with the use of peroxide solution. Peroxide solution can be made by combining hydrogen peroxide with an antiseptic mouthwash.

Chewing Sesame Seeds

One of the most wonderful ways of removing tartar is chewing sesame seeds but they should not be swallowed. Post chewing, the teeth needs to be brushed by making use of dry toothbrush. Sesame seeds work in the form of natural scrub and thus help in the removal of tartar.

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