6 Natural Ways To Remove Plaque At Home

By on December 5, 2014

Do you suffer from plaque problems in your teeth? Then you can try these natural ways to remove plaque at home.

You eat your meals daily and even after you rinse your mouth; you have small food particles in your mouth. These small food particles mix with saliva and create plaque in your teeth.

Plaque is one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of cavities in your teeth. Plaque also has bacteria which create foul mouth breath and also reduces the level of enamel in your teeth.

Thus, it becomes very necessary that you understand the natural remedies in your home available that would ensure that you have a minimum deposit of plaque on your teeth.

Natural Ways To Remove Plaque At Home

Remove Plaque At HomeYou can try these natural ways to remove plaque at home wih the basic things available in your home.

Using the common salt

If you are suffering from bleeding in your gums or have a toothache, you can rinse your mouth with half a cup of warm water to which one tablespoon of salt has been added. Salt can also be used as toothpaste.

Here you would need to use two portions of baking soda and one portion of salt and grind it to a fine mixture.

This mixture can be then used as toothpaste with the help of a brush. When you use this mixture twice daily you would have healthy teeth.

Gargling Your Mouth with Sesame Oil

Another natural way to remove plaque at home is by gargle your mouth with a small portion of sesame oil, which has been slightly warmed. This technique is an ancient Ayurveda technique.

You just need to take a small teaspoon of sesame oil and rinse your mouth thoroughly with it. This needs to be done twice daily and it would help to reduce the accumulation of plaques in your mouth in a major way.

Rinsing Your Mouth with Vinegar

Vinegar along with one tablespoon of salt and four ounces of water can be used daily to control the formation of plaques in your teeth. You can use two tablespoons of vinegar here and do this minimum twice daily.

Applying Olive Oil

You can apply a small thin layer of olive oil over your teeth after you have brushed it well. This technique would prevent plaques from forming on your teeth.

Drinking Green tea

Green tea has powerful anti-oxidants in them. When you drink green tea you are preventing plaques from accumulating in them.

Enjoying Cranberry juice daily

Dental experts are of the opinion that drinking cranberry juice helps to reduce plaque formation by 50%. Thus, if you have a plaque problem in your teeth you need to drink cranberry juice immediately and make it into a regular habit.

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