5 Best Foods Good For Your Teeth

By on August 26, 2015

It is every individual’s priority to have a good set of teeth as it can fetch numerous benefits. The main benefit of having a good set of teeth is a graceful and beautiful smile.

There are various opportunities that you can enjoy like attending gatherings and hosting programs. It boosts your confidence and helps you in making more friends.

You must take good care of your teeth in order to help them stay in good condition. Brushing and flossing are important activities that help in restoring tooth health.

However, you can even take some foods good for your teeth as these can help in keeping the health of the teeth intact.

Foods Good For Your Teeth

Here are some of the best foods good for your teeth, which you must include in your diet.

Foods Good For Your Teeth


Milk not only benefits the bones but it also helps in making the teeth healthier and stronger. This is because milk is rich in its content of calcium. The calcium content of milk helps in protecting the teeth against gum disease and in keeping the jaw bone healthy and strong.


Apples work in the form of nature’s toothbrush as they help in stimulating the gums, in increasing the flow of saliva and in reducing cavity buildup which causes plaque. Apples are packed with over 15 vitamins and 10 minerals required by the body.

Carrots And Celery

Carrots and celery protect an individual’s teeth in two distinct ways. These foods need extra chewing which automatically produces extra saliva that helps in neutralizing acid production of bacteria. Chewing also massages the gums and even cleans the areas between the teeth.


Cranberries serve as great examples of foods good for your teeth. They do not have an appealing taste but they contain chemicals called polyphenols which do not allow plaque to stick to the teeth.


Raisins are quite rich in their content of different types of sugars that do not damage the teeth. The phytochemicals in raisins possess the ability of destroying bacteria which is responsible for plaque development.

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