Partial Complex Seizure Symptoms and Treatment Methods

By on September 26, 2013

Seizure is known as an abnormal change in the brain’s electrical activity.

These changes may takes place near the brain at one side or both sides is known as the temporal lobe, which is called as the complex partial seizure.

People who are suffering from the temporal lobe seizure may remain in partially conscious during the seizure, but they may lose awareness of surroundings and may also don’t remember what was happened when they are in that condition.

Anyone can get them, but the condition is more likely to observe in people who have had brain infection, head injury, brain tumor or stroke. However, in most cases, the cause is not known.

What are the partial complex seizure symptoms?

Partial Complex Seizure SymptomsThe early symptom known as aura can be caused by the beginning of seizure in the small part of the temporal lobe.

This early warning sign of seizure may be pleasant, such as feeling of euphoria or disturbing like feelings of fear or unreality.

This condition usually remains for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Aura may stop by its own, or even it may raise and produce altered awareness.

The other partial complex seizure Symptoms include:

  • Illusion or Hallucinations about tastes, vision, smells or some other sensory illusions
  • Intense or sudden emotions, which doesn’t relate to any specific activity or time
  • Epigastric sensation like a funny feeling of stomach rising
  • Repeated chewing or swallowing
  • Lip smacking, unusual hand movements
  • Appear confused or disoriented

If this electrical activity in brain spread and memory lost or consciousness is changed, then this is called as “complex partial”. In this part of partial complex seizure fallowing symptoms may occur:

  • Sensory hallucinations
  • Preceding motor symptoms
  • Crawling, numbness or tingling sensation, which usually occur in only one body part or it may spread
  • Prolonged Dreaming in Daytime
  • Facial Twitching

The person after emerging from these symptoms, he or she may not remember what was happened. The person will take time to return to the normal levels of consciousness.

Diagnosing and treating partial complex seizure symptoms:

EEG test or electroencephalogram is used to measure the brain waves. In people who have complex seizure, brain waves may become abnormal, and are abnormal during the seizure. CT scan or MRI could be required in order to examine the abnormalities in the brain.

Treating specific problem causing causes may stop complex seizure. These may include treating seizure disorders such as epilepsy, removing brain lesions or tumors with surgery, and also other treatment methods as required.

Oral medications are also used to reduce the future seizures. These drugs are very powerful but that may vary from one person to other.

Medical treatment for partial seizures does not always helps to control the symptoms. People who are suffering from frequent partial complex seizure symptoms may face several challenges.

Certain things like heat, fire, water, certain machinery, heights and various sharp objects, all are the hazardous for people when they are unaware of exactly what they are performing and don’t sense any pain.

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