Major Physical Effects Of Cerebral Palsy That You Need To Know About

By on February 13, 2016

Cerebral palsy is quite a serious disease which mainly causes mobility issues. It results in problems related to muscle tone, motor skills and movement of the body.

Different kinds of cognitive and physical effects are also being observed as a result of the concerned diseases. Though this disease majorly occurs to kids but adults might also face the same.

The physical effects of cerebral palsy are quite dreadful in nature. If you go through the online based health reviews, then you will definitely be able to know about these effects.

Though emotional effects occur due to cerebral palsy but the physical effects are quite severe.

Major Physical Effects Of Cerebral Palsy

Have a look the major physical effects of cerebral palsy that can be seen in patients.
Physical Effects Of Cerebral Palsy

Communication Issues

These issues are quite common in case of Cerebral palsy. You might face a greater difficulty in speaking properly due to this kind of health issue. Sounds will not get produced properly and thus your speaking ability can get barred. This is one of the major and commonest physical effects of cerebral palsy in this regard.

Mobility Issues

Muscles of your body get adversely affected by Cerebral Palsy as a result of which you will face a great trouble in walking and moving your upper limbs. In most of the cases, your ankle or foot might get affected badly and you might develop greater pains out there.

Drinking And Eating Issues

These issues are also very common and these troubles are very much troublesome in nature. You will not be able to drink water and swallow foods properly. In some cases, your taste buds will get adversely or badly affected.


Some people think that abnormal postures are the only symptoms but severe pains also get associated with the same. In fact, different kinds of behavioral issues also might arise due to unwanted pains. These pains might get increased day by day. These pains need to be treated on time otherwise they will just go out of limit.

Unable To Control Saliva

Saliva loss known as dribbling, and drooling is one of the common physical effects of cerebral palsy found in children of age 1 to 5. This is mainly caused due to loss of control on muscles around the mouth.

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