Commonly Found Huntington’s Disease Signs and Symptoms

By on April 30, 2016

Huntington’s disease or HD is an inherited, degenerative and progressive brain disorder producing emotional, mental and physical changes.

The disease has been named after the physician who described this disease for the first time in 1872 and that is George Huntington. Jerky and involuntary movements are likely to develop in the later stages of this disorder.

Huntington’s disease signs and symptoms are same like the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

This disease affects an individual’s ability of thinking, moving and talking as it destroys the cells in one part of the brain.

Common Huntington’s Disease Signs and Symptoms

Some of the commonly found Huntington’s disease signs and symptoms, which you need to look for include:
Huntington's Disease Signs and Symptoms

Behavioral Changes

Changes in behavior are generally the first signs of Huntington’s disease and they can be utterly distressing. Behavioral changes generally include not recognizing the needs of the other family members; lack of emotions, alternating episodes of excitement, aggression, apathy and depression; impulsiveness; irritability and difficulty in concentrating on different tasks and in handing complicated situations.

Psychiatric Problems

One of the most common Huntington’s disease signs and symptoms is depression. This symptom is accompanied by other symptoms like low self-esteem, low mood, feeling hopeless and lack of interest or motivation.

Movement Problems

The movement in people is also affected by Huntington’s disease. Early symptoms include uncontrollable and slight movements of the face and fidgety, flicking or jerking movements of the body and the limbs.

Mental Symptoms

These include memory decline or forgetfulness; decreased concentration; difficulty driving and poor judgment skills. These symptoms might progress with time and people might also lose the ability of recognizing familiar people, places and objects.

Emotional Symptoms

The emotional symptoms of Huntington’s disease are irritability, hostility, poor energy, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, delusions and paranoia. These are some of the most important symptoms of Huntington’s disease that need to be treated as early as possible.

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