Commonly Found Asperger Symptoms In Children

By on April 8, 2016

AS or Asperger syndrome is basically a kind of neurobiological disorder which is an integral part of a certain group of conditions known as autism spectrum disorders.

Autism spectrum is a term which is use for referring to developmental disabilities with symptoms appearing in varying degrees and different combinations of severity.

Kids suffering from Asperger syndrome generally share similar symptoms. Boys are always at an increased risk of suffering from Asperger syndrome in comparison to girls.

Asperger syndrome is generally very difficult to diagnose and treating this disorder is also a challenge. It is always very important to know Asperger symptoms in children before knowing the treatment option for this condition.

Asperger Symptoms In Children

Common Asperger Symptoms In Children

Some of the commonly found Asperger symptoms in children, which you need to be looking for, are as follows:

Trouble in Social Associations

There are many noticeable Asperger symptoms in children but the most significant symptom is trouble in social associations. Children suffering from Asperger syndrome might not be able to adapt themselves socially and they might also lack certain inborn social skills like the ability of reading body language, starting and maintaining a conversation and taking turns talking.

Difficulty In Communication

Difficulty in communication is one of the common Asperger symptoms in children. Children suffering from Asperger syndrome might lack the ability of identifying the subtle differences in pitch, accent and speech altering the meaning of the sentences spoken by others. Such children might not be able to understand jokes and they may even take sarcastic comments literally.

Unusual Nonverbal Communication

Children with Asperger syndrome generally display unusual nonverbal communication like fewer facial expressions, awkward gestures and body postures and lack of direct eye contact while communicating with others.

Persistent or Repetitive Behaviors

Obsessive or restricted interests and behaviors is also one of the commonly found Asperger symptoms in children. They prefer rules and routine and do not respond very well to different changes in their lives

Lack of Empathy

Asperger syndrome might result in the lack of empathy in children. Such children seem to be insensitive or do not empathize to the feelings of others. They might also face a lot of difficulty in understanding humor. Such children are generally self-absorbed or egocentric.

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