How Does Alcoholism Link to Brain Impairment?

By on December 18, 2013

Does consuming alcohol harm brain development? Yes, without any doubt, alcoholism leads to brain impairment.

Present days, alcoholism has become the modernity in one’s daily life but chronic alcohol abuse has several negative impacts on health and well being.

Mainly, brain damage is the common disorder among people who consume alcohol very often. Let’s see how alcohol has its role in brain impairment.

According to studies, it is proven that people with history of repeated alcohol abuse or alcoholism have lighter, shrunken and smaller brains than those who are of same gender and age. The shrinkage of brain leads to various devastating conditions including:
 Alcoholism Link to Brain Impairment

  • Loss of cognitive thinking cells
  • Dementia
  • Memory loss

Many researches shown that human brain tend to develop when a person reaches early twenties. So, when an individual takes alcohol for longer periods, then it will have long-lasting effects on developing brain and intellectual capabilities.

Exposure of brain to alcohol before 21 years of age may damage the key processes of developing brain. As the bodies and brains of teens are still developing, an exposure to alcohol leads to learning problems.

You would be surprised by knowing that alcohol abuse disorders have been associated with abnormalities of brain structures like thalamus, prefrontal cortex and cerebellar hemispheres among adults.

Cerebellum plays key role in managing inhibition of urges, behavioral responses and gratification. Studies have shown that the size of cerebellum in adolescents with alcoholism is less than controllers and is the key region in brain for motor coordination and timing.

Have you ever noticed that awoken after night of heavy drinking makes you unable to recall all the things you did and the places you went? Yes, a person will experience black-outs during that time.

Alcohol consumption can create detectable long-lasting effects on memory after some drinks but as drinking happens very frequent and more, the degree of impairment is also heavy.

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