Stress and Mental Illness – Know How Stress Worsens the Illness

By on March 19, 2015

Stress is actually a feeling of disproportion because of events which have a negative effect on an individual.

This is however, a normal method of the body responding to the events.

The human body does not have the capability of differentiating between psychological and physical stress but there is a genuine impact of stress on the mental health of an individual.

Thus, it can be said that there is a close relation between stress and mental illness.

Stress and Mental Illness Relationship

Know how stress and mental health are interconnected to eachother.

Stress and Mental Illness

Effect of Stress on the Mind

Stress is considered as an alert system to the defense mechanism of the body and thus it helps the human body in a number of ways. Stress helps an individual in staying on his or her duty line, alert and with great energy.

Additionally, in emergency circumstances, stress can even save life by rendering additional power to an individual. However, stress beyond limit can take a toll on the life of an individual and might cause various issues of productivity, relationships and health.

This is a condition when a person suffers from mental illness. stress and mental illness together can result in nervous breakdown of an individual. This is a condition when a person is in no control of his or her way in life.

How does a Person Suffer from Mental Illness?

When an individual is in an unstable condition, he or she depends on emotions for creating sadness and this develops into certain negative thoughts.

People in this condition should look out for possible solutions but if they are unable to find solutions, negative emotions turn out to be overwhelming and this is when a person suffers from mental illness.

With an increase in the level of stress, the coping capability of an individual goes down and applies extra pressure on the mind. The mind starts facing chemical imbalances resulting in diseases and tumors.

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