Commonly Found Signs Of Dementia In Seniors

By on September 5, 2014

Dementia is basically a collection of different memory loss symptoms, which can accumulate to make up a disease later on.

Signs of Dementia in seniors include memory loss, problems in thinking and some others.

Generally, it is caused by the Alzheimer’s disease in seniors. However, a brain injury might also be the cause.

Some of the common symptoms and signs of Dementia have been discussed here in detail:

Change in Memory

The change in the memory patterns is one of the most commonly found signs of dementia in seniors. However, the memory loss might be temporary.

Signs Of Dementia In SeniorsFor example, when you ask them at night if they had their breakfast, they would say yes, but if you ask what they had, they would not be able to answer even after hours of recalling.

Vocabulary is Lost

No matter if the senior was a scholar in his early years when he suffers from dementia; he might not be able to find words to express his views.

He would ask for help when it comes to explaining. If this symptom increases further, it might not be possible for the person to communicate properly with the family and friends.

Mood Swings

Sudden mood swings is also one of the commonly found signs of dementia in senior. This is one thing that can be noticed by the loved one of the senior in a minute. And, if such a case persists, it is wise to consult a doctor soon.


The senior might not be able to control his mood. For example, he loses interest in everything, he doesn’t talk much, doesn’t eat much, and do not do even his favorite tasks, such as playing with his pet or reading the newspaper, he would start to live alone and would not even find it exciting is friends come to visit him.

Difficulty in Daily Tasks

Another commonly found sign of Dementia in senior is that they might find it difficult to perform the daily chores if the level of disease increases. For example, combing their hair or brushing their teeth would be a problem.

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