Best Treatment For Major Depression You Can Choose

By on April 9, 2016

One of the most prominent symptoms of major depression is persistent or severe low mood, sense of despair and profound sadness.

Low mood can also turn out to be irritation. People suffering from major depression might lack the ability of making the best of certain enjoyable activities.

Major depression should not be taken lightly because the symptoms of this condition might last for a long time and they can turn out to be problematic for the sufferers.

There are different treatment options for major depression and therefore it is very difficult to come up with the best treatment for major depression that is effective.

Best Treatment For Major Depression

5 Best Treatment For Major Depression

Let us have a look the best treatment for major depression, which works effectively in treating below:


Antidepressants are considered the best medications for major depression. These are tablets that help in treating the symptoms of major depression. Doctors generally prescribe antidepressants which are found in more than 30 varieties.


Psychotherapy is best treatment for major depression, in which therapy is done by talking about the condition of the sufferer and other related issues. The mental health care professional offers this therapy which is also called psychological therapy or talk therapy.

Interpersonal Therapy

IPT or interpersonal therapy generally focuses on the sufferer’s relationship with other people. This therapy even focuses on the problems that the sufferer might be having in his or her relationships. These problems include difficulty in coping up with bereavement and difficulty communicating with others.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is considered the best treatment for major depression if the depression is the result of family problems. Family therapy shows a significant influence on the effected person’s mental health. This therapy is generally used alone or in combination with other treatment.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

This type of therapy can help in improving mood among the sufferers with suicidal thoughts. This therapy is generally used when the other therapies do not work towards improving the condition of the sufferer.

This therapy is also known as electroshock therapy. Many people misunderstand this as a cruel and harsh treatment. But, in reality this is a painless therapy, which is performed by giving general anesthesia.

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