Anterograde Amnesia Treatment Options That Really Help

By on August 6, 2016

Anterograde Amnesia is a mental disorder in which person loses the ability to create new memories after the incident which resulted into amnesia.

As a result person impartially or totally loses the ability to recall memories from recent past. But, the memories before the incident of amnesia remain intact.

The causes of Anterograde Amnesia include traumatic brain injury, heart attack, drug induced, alcohol intoxication, epileptic attack, oxygen deprivation, and damage of hippocampus or medial temporal lobe in brain due to surgery.

There is no particular Anterograde Amnesia Treatment available as of now. Only managing is available. Managing it helps the patients in leading a normal life.

Anterograde Amnesia Treatment

Available Anterograde Amnesia Treatment Options

Check out the following Anterograde Amnesia treatment options that help patients to live a normal life.

Proper Nutrition

Doctors prescribe that if one is provided with nutritious food, then the risks associated with this mental disorder might get cured in the due course of time.

Using Reminders

Reminders usage is an effective Anterograde Amnesia treatment option to choose. Patients will remember how to use phones. So, making a reminder of list of activities that need to done like taking medications, etc will be helpful for patients.

Occupation Therapy

Occupation therapy is another effective therapy, which is very help for people suffering with amnesia. This therapy helps the patient in retaining the fresh memories. In this therapy, therapist helps the patient in associating what is happening presently by connecting the fresh happening with old events.

Cognitive Therapy

In this situation, the person is asked to take help of tools and treatments to recall the memories. In this therapy, doctor helps the patient to use tools and strategies for improving the ability to think, time management, and decision making.

Eye Movement Desensitization

This therapy is helpful to cure Anterograde Amnesia as when a person rotates his or her eyeballs, the nerves and muscles also put stress on the brain tissues. This process in a particular pattern might result in the breaking way of the blockage which might help in curing the person.


This process helps a lot in making the victim recover from the mental disorder. Professionals try to put the victim in a sub-conscious state and try to read his or her mind and in the meantime present situations which will help the person to come out of the mental shock.

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