Know Some Facts About Chronic Bronchitis

By on May 30, 2014

Do you smoke? If yes, do you know you are more likely to get various respiratory diseases?

Yes, smoking is the major leading factor of your respiratory issues. One such respiratory problem is chronic bronchitis.

Here are few important facts about chronic bronchitis, that you should be aware of. Would you like to know, let us get started?

What does Chronic Bronchitis mean?

Chronic Bronchitis is a kind of respiratory disease characterized by inflamed bronchial tubes or lining of airways to the lungs. This inflammation or irritation of airways leaves your lungs with less airflow.

Facts About Chronic BronchitisDue to reduction of air passage to and from the lungs, it makes the bronchial tubes to produce thick mucus. Thick mucus results in blockage of airways in the lungs and you will finally feel difficulty in breathing.

Smoking – The Main Cause

As we discussed in the beginning, smoking and second hand smoke are the primary causes of chronic bronchitis. The other causes that contribute to chronic bronchitis include:

  • Do you expose more to pollution? Then, you are a good candidate to develop chronic bronchitis very easily from air pollution.
  • Do you have any allergies or infections? If so, you are at higher risk for developing this lung disease.
  • Bacteria or viral infections could be the final triggers of chronic bronchitis causing more damage or worsens the condition.

Who are at greater risk for chronic bronchitis?

People of all ages can fall sick with chronic bronchitis.But young children, adults over 45 years of age, infants and old people are expected to develop chronic bronchitis more often than other age groups.

Are you the one working in textile manufacturing, coal mining or grain handling industries? Then, you must be aware of chronic bronchitis as you are exposed to various chemicals, and allergens which increase your risk of developing chronic bronchitis.

What are the treatment options?

Many people believe that it is not a life-threatening disease. But if it is left untreated, large amounts of mucus released into the tubes thus making your breathing hard and you may notice even more symptoms.

Know the symptoms before your lungs get seriously damaged. Seek medical attention immediately and get rid of serious illnesses that may lead to other health conditions like heart problems.

Doctor may prescribe oxygen therapy, which makes your breathing comfortable and easy. Avoid exposure to irritants like germs and bacteria that cause this condition.

Some lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, limiting yourself to air pollution, consuming healthy diet as they are very beneficial to manage your condition. [Home Remedies for Bronchitis]

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