Pneumonia and Smoking – How They are Related with Each Other

By on September 17, 2013

Pneumonia and smoking are related to each other as smoking can destroy the cilia or tiny hair on the upper respiratory tract.

Once this is happened, the person will lose the barrier against pollutants and infection caused by bacteria.

This makes your immune system weak and the person becomes more susceptible to pneumonia.

Effect of Smoking

Smoking allows streptococcus pneumonia bacteria to spread faster toward the lungs, increase the risk of pneumonia and other lung infections.

Pneumonia and SmokingTobacco smoke contains substances like tobacco and nicotine that damage the lungs and other organs of the respiratory system. As a result, the body’s defence mechanism becomes weaker and the smoker becomes susceptible to Pneumonia.

Pneumonia is one of the most common types of infectious disease of the lung. Pneumonia is a common illness that affects millions of people every year in the United States.

Both men and women who consume 20 or more cigarettes every day are three times more likely to develop pneumonia. So, quitting smoking is the best thing that you can do to prevent further bouts of pneumonia.

Electronic Cigarettes – A Better Option

If you want to quit smoking, try to consume electronic smoking as it will not contain harmful substances which are associated with conventional cigarettes. An Eversmoke electronic cigarette provides alternative smoking equipment that helps you to combat your addiction, which in turn reduces smoking related problems.

Actually, smoking can harm the body’s natural defences against the bacteria and virus that can develop pneumonia. More than 50% of the cases of pneumonia are due to the bacterium pneumonococcus and the pneumonia is called as pneumonococcal pneumonia. Heavy smoking can damage your lungs, which makes you more prone to infection.

If you want to get relief from this dreadful condition, you should drink more fluids, take more rest and most importantly stop smoking as it will only stop your lungs from further damage. It is most important to prevent pneumonia when it is in the initial stage.

Boost your immune system by consuming healthy foods and supplement your diet with healthy vitamins and minerals. Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do to prevent the infection from progressing further. Stopping smoking completely means giving a chance to heal the lungs.

If you cannot give up the smoking completely, you can take the help of electronic cigarettes as they don’t include harmful chemicals that the traditional cigarettes contain.

As health is the most important thing, if you want to avoid pneumonia in future, it is essential that you look after your general health, especially your lungs. After giving up smoking, you will be surprised to see how well your lungs will heal from the damage.

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