Major Lung Scarring Causes That You Need To Be Aware Of

By on May 6, 2016

Lung scarring is also known as pulmonary fibrosis, fibrosing alveolitis, interstitial lung disease, Hamman-Rich syndrome and interstitial pnuematitis.

It is a serious disease involving the scarring and the swelling of the tissue and air sacs between the cells of the lungs.

The scarring can actually make the lungs very stiff resulting in an individual facing great difficulty in breathing normally.

There are a number of lung scarring causes and the severity of this disease might range from being mild to fatal.

Major Lung Scarring Causes

Let us have a look at the lung scarring causing below:

Lung Scarring Causes


Long term exposure to the toxins and pollutants present in air might result in lung scarring and damage. Metal dust shavings, inhaling the dust particles of silica and asbestos are different environmental hazards that can cause lung scarring and damage.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is also one of the common lung scarring causes. People who have been treated for lung cancer using radiation therapy might also experience lung scarring. The degree of this damage is generally identified by the duration and the length of radiation treatments along with chemotherapy treatment.


One of the major lung scarring causes is pneumonia and this has been proved through a number o studies conducted on this subject. Pneumonia results in the inflammation of the lung tissues causing damage and producing scars in the lungs.

Idiopathic Scarring Of The Lungs

Idiopathic scarring is when the main cause of scarring of the lungs is not known. This condition is generally diagnosed when the work environment and the work history of the patient do not clearly indicate the cause.


There are a number of medicines that can also cause lung scarring and these include amiodarone and nitiofurantoin. These medicines are generally prescribed for treating urinary tract infections.

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