Know How Is Tuberculosis Diagnosed

By on December 9, 2014

Tuberculosis affects its patient in two ways. The patient would in the beginning be infected by the TB virus and here it is very difficult to understand the symptoms and diagnose the disease.

However in the second stage TB becomes infectious due to the presence of the virus which is airborne in nature. Here a person would be identified as suffering from active TB.

CDC or Center for Disease Control has estimated that there are 9 million people suffering from TB globally and in US in 2013 there were about 9582 cases. The best way to treat TB is to diagnose it an early stage.

Basic Symptoms of TB

How Is Tuberculosis Diagnosed

Early Symptoms of TB

When a person is suffering from the early stage of TB, the that person would have some infection in your body. Here the virus would not be active in nature.

Initial Symptoms of TB

Once the TB virus starts becoming active, you would start coughing and might spit out yellow sputum. Here you would suffer from appetite loss and also pain in the chest area.

Advanced Symptoms of TB

When the TB virus affects the lymph nodes around the neck, you might have pus filled lesions. When you suffer from active TB disease you would have high fever, lose weight and get fatigued easily.

How is Tuberculosis Diagnosed? Various Diagnosis Test

Here are the tests that are used for diagnosis of Tuberculosis:

The TB Skin Test

The TB skin test is undertaken by doctors to check the level of the disease in its patients. Here a small amount of tuberculin is injected under the skin. After a few days if the area has swollen up, then you are diagnosed that you have TB.

X-Ray Test

The medical expert uses the X-ray test to check if the TB virus has affected your lungs and your chest. If the X-ray shows white spots in your ling areas this would indicate that TB infection has affected it in a major way.

Blood Test

Most doctors recommend the blood test for TB diagnosis. Here the blood would be checked and studied regarding how it is reacting to the TB virus.


When a small portion if sputum is taken and tested, it would be then cultured. In the end the test would indicate if the TB virus is present or not.

When you have TB in the initial stages the color of the sputum becomes yellow and green. Thus this test is one of the effective testing methods to diagnose Tuberculosis.

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